Transitioning into a new home marks a significant milestone, but amidst the excitement, it is common to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when it comes to sorting out what stays and what goes during the move and ensuring a smooth handover to the new owners.

When finalising contracts with your real estate agent and solicitor, it is customary to review the list of inclusions bound to the sale. These inclusions, once documented in the contract, become legally binding upon exchange and settlement. 

Prior to packing up your belongings, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with these inclusions to prevent any disputes during the settlement process due to items being removed.

Inclusions typically retained with the property encompass fixtures such as curtain rods, rails, curtains, and other window coverings, as well as light fittings, fixed floor coverings, kitchen appliances like ovens, cooktops, range hoods, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, and built-in shelving. Additionally, fixtures like smoke detectors, alarms, and air conditioners are expected to remain.

Conversely, certain items are generally taken with you upon relocation, including kitchen and laundry appliances, outdoor furnishings, and freestanding plants, unless otherwise negotiated in the contract. 

However, there may be opportunities to discuss retaining specific items with the purchaser, particularly if they pose logistical challenges or are no longer desired.

Leaving behind instructions and helpful tips can greatly assist the new occupants as they settle into their new home. Sharing insights on the operation of appliances and fixtures left behind, such as alarm systems or air conditioners, along with maintenance tips can be invaluable. Furthermore, offering recommendations on local amenities, dining spots, and recreational activities can help ease the transition for the new homeowners.

If you’re looking to provide a helpful package or need guidance on leaving instructions for the purchaser, our sales team is available to offer assistance and advice in preparing for this transition.