Being a responsible tenant not only enhances your reputation as a long-term renter, but also increases your chances of being highly valued by landlords or rental providers. A role model tenant pays their rent on time, respects their neighbours, takes care of the property, and minimizes maintenance costs.

What makes you the best among the rest?

To secure a desirable and long-lasting tenancy agreement, it is important to impress landlords or rental providers by exhibiting certain qualities. Rental providers aim to protect their property and increase their investment potential, so the best tenants are reliable, financially secure, and respectful of their rental property rights and obligations.

Reputable tenants with good references and rental history also demonstrate character and trustworthiness. Being a responsible tenant involves adhering to both written and unspoken rules regarding the property and surroundings, such as reducing noise levels during socially responsible times.

Respectful tenants show innate respect for their landlord, fellow housemates, and neighbours, which creates a positive word-of-mouth reputation. This can increase your chances of being chosen for your next potential rental, house purchase, or even job opportunities.

Your icing on the cake

Top off the above qualities with truthfulness and anticipation. Anticipation involves open communication via appropriate channels with the landlord, especially for domestic situations such as leaky taps or faulty WC, loose cupboard doors, or damage to walls or tiles. By reporting these issues promptly, you can help prevent further damage and endear yourself to your rental provider.

Honesty is also a crucial quality of a desirable tenant. Tenants should promptly report any accidents or incidents committed by household members, including pets. For pet agreements, which vary from state to state and property to property, full disclosure and ensuring that the pet adheres to tenancy rules and agreements can endear you to your rental provider.

If you have any specific queries about the requirements for a property or your rules and rights as a renter or rental provider, get in touch with our team.