As open home inspections and onsite auctions have been banned because of the Covid-19 pandemic, buyers are made to modify their approach to house hunting. Thankfully, there are still many ways around the ban that still allow you to inspect and purchase property. Here are our quick tips to help house hunters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digitally researching property

There are many digital ways to explore the property and the area it’s located in from your very own computer. You can use apps such as Google Street View and Google Earth to virtually explore the surrounding area and nearby properties, including the location of schools and proximity to transport. You can also visit the local council website to learn more about amenities in the area.

Virtual property inspections

Another tip to help house hunters during the Covid-19 pandemic, is to ask for a digital copy of the floorplan of the property to get a sense of the flow and outlay of the building. You’ll also be able to take a virtual walk-through or video tour of the property which will allow you to see the property from both inside and outside. Before asking for a physical inspection, ask your agent if it’s possible to live stream a meeting from the property on an inspection app or platform such as FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Organising a private inspection 

Personal, one-on-one inspections with an agent are permitted in most circumstances, but be aware that there are strict social distancing restrictions that you will need to adhere to while in the property. You will be asked to keep your hands in your pockets and avoid touching anything, such as door handles or cabinets, during your inspection. This is to help protect the health of yourself and those who live in the property.

Attending a virtual auction

A digital auction operates in the same way that an onsite auction does. You will need to register your interest and be approved to attend and bid by the agent beforehand. Another tip to help house hunters during the Covid-19 pandemic, is to look out for a set of instructions on how to attend and bid during the auction that is sent out by the agent, so you are aware of the process. 

The process of buying a property has adapted to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic by moving predominately online to make it possible for buyers and sellers to transact during the crisis.