Even if you’re not planning to sell your home until after the Covid-19 pandemic, preparing your house for sale during lockdown could give you the upper hand when the time comes to list your property online. Here are some of the things you can do to make your home stand out. 

Make sure your home looks updated

If your property is going to stand out, it needs to look the part. Start preparing your house for with a deep thorough clean and decluttering. A big spring clean could help your house look more open and inviting. Your home needs to look good inside and out so consider repainting the facade and fences, as well as repainting interior walls and ceilings to freshen up the look. 

Rearrange furniture

The flow of the home is important and sometimes all it takes is rearranging the furniture. Move around big furniture items like cabinets, the lounge and beds to create more usable space and to make the rooms look bigger. If there are pieces of furniture missing, or if you’d like the spare bedroom to look more like a spare bedroom to prospective buyers, you can still order furniture online. 

Tidy up the garden

The garden is often the one part of the home that gets away from us when we don’t have the time to focus on it. Now’s your chance to mow the lawn, do the weeding, clean out the gutters and make any small repairs outside. If your yard is looking a little bare, consider creating a small garden, placing fountains around the yard, or purchasing some outdoor furniture. 

Assess what work needs to be done and address repairs

Preparing your house for sale during lockdown means it’s also a great time to have a close look at what needs repairing and make a list of things you can get tradespeople to fix at the end of the pandemic. Some tradespeople are still operating during the pandemic and may be able to get the work done now. However, if you’re a handy home owner, you might want to take on some of the tasks yourself. 

Arrange a building and pest inspection

The buyer usually arranges a building and pest inspection if they are serious about buying a property but it might work to your advantage to have it done now. The building inspection uncovers any potential problems that can’t be seen by simply walking through the house. It’s especially valuable to buyers who are relying on virtual property inspections but it can also be valuable to you if you have the means to address any of the issues that are found in the building inspection report.  

By using the time you have now in lockdown and isolation to prepare your home for sale, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the selling process when the time comes.