As autumn weaves its magic in our gardens, there are several home decor trends that are also set to flourish in this season of regeneration.

A large part of successful interior styling is the ability to adapt to the changing seasons and — with its implied comfort factor and colour scheme, featuring vibrant hues of gold and russet — autumn is no exception.

You don’t have to spend a fortune transitioning your interiors to reflect seasonal trends. But blending the latest looks that are suited to your existing décor, and enhanced with your personal style, will always make a statement.  

Global interior experts, including the stylists at Victory Curtains and Blinds, share their views about key home trends gaining popularity in autumn 2022. 

Raw materials

Furniture and accessories made from natural products like wicker and wood reflect rawness, while also making a space look stylish and modern. Chunky and textured wall hangings create the perfect ambience for the living room. Solar lamps made from waste materials also add a warm glow, while providing sustainable lighting alternatives.

Warm shades 

As it cools down outside, bringing some warmth into your interior is a must. Adding pops of colour such as orange, yellow and caramel shades is ideal for achieving warmth, as it will evoke feelings of nature while also brightening up your space. Change any neutral-coloured accessories for orange-flecked throws, cushions and wall hangings. 

Natural lighting

Regular access to daylight and views will remain key to home living this autumn. Layering window treatments such as sheer blinds and curtains are a smart way to enhance natural lighting, while still offering a sense of privacy. 

More houseplants!

Bringing the outdoors indoors is another trend that continues to flourish. Decorating the bedroom with indoor plants is especially beneficial for heightened sleep quality as plants promote clean air and help to reduce stress levels. Houseplants can also provide a quirky look when added to your interior. 

Standout patterns

Patterned wallpaper in the dining room is a growing interior trend. Using a patterned wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean the look has to be overpowering. It just has the ability to add depth to a wall. Matching your wallpaper with the same colour palette throughout the dining room will unify the scheme and bring the walls to life!