It can be an exciting and overwhelming step when your home finally settles and during the moving process, there may be some confusion as to what you can take with you during the move and what is required when you hand the keys over to the new owners.

When you are preparing contracts with your sales agent and your solicitor it is usual to go over the list of inclusions that are part of the sale. This will then be added to the contract and be binding on exchange and settlement. Before you begin packing, it is important to familiarise yourself with the inclusions to avoid challenges to a settlement with items that may have been removed.

Standard inclusions that remain with the property

Items that are left with the property will usually include anything like curtain rods, rails and curtains and any other window coverings, light fittings, fixed floor coverings, ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and light fixtures and fittings.

You may also agree on items like freestanding dishwashers and microwave ovens and fixtures like built-in shelving, smoke detectors, alarms and air conditioners will also remain with the property.

Items that may be removed

Standard items like kitchen and laundry appliances, outdoor furnishings and freestanding plants would be removed during your relocation unless otherwise negotiated with the contract.

There may be some items that you are able to negotiate into the contract with the purchaser as part of the sale, especially if they are pieces that are more challenging to move or that you may no longer want or need.

Leave instructions and helpful tips

You have lived in the property for a period of time and will be used to the way that things work and the regular maintenance that may be required.

It’s helpful for the purchaser to pay it forward and leave a note of tips for devices like any appliances or fixtures left. You may like to leave instructions on how to operate the alarm system and the codes needed, how the air conditioner or pool pump works or even the pool company that you use for maintenance.

If they are new to the area, some tips on the best restaurants or where to get a great coffee and local activities can also be very helpful in the purchaser’s move. 

If you would like to put a pack together or need some assistance in leaving some quick tips for your purchaser, speak to our sales team and they can offer advice and help you prepare.