When it comes to selling your home, there are a few things that you should consider before deciding to sell and then testing the market to see if it will achieve your goal sale price. Avoiding little mistakes along the way can reduce stress and maximise the outcome. 

1. Avoid overcapitalising on improvements

It may be recommended or even necessary to carry out small improvements or renovations to your property before you put it to market. These may be necessary repairs and maintenance items, compliance or even a refresh to present the property in the best light. 

Before you break out the toolkit and plans, it is wise to create a need-to-do versus nice-to-do list and budget out what each improvement is likely to cost. When you have a price estimate of what the property could sell for, you can then make an informed decision about which improvements will help maximise the sale and which may end up costing you more in the long run.

2. Be careful not to underestimate the power of presentation

When a prospective purchaser walks through your home, it is a high chance that they will try to imagine themselves living in the property or imagine a happy living space for a good tenant. 

Presentation is a key element to ensure that you are increasing the amount of interest that the property receives and likely to achieve a higher sale price based on potentially more demand.

Consider decluttering your belongings and removing personal keepsakes. A deep clean of the interior and exterior, as well as garden maintenance, can also assist with ensuring the property is presented in the best possible light.

3. Take heed not to choose the first agent you meet

Unless you know or have used an agent in the past, it is a good strategy to get a few agents to appraise your home and give you information about their services, how they operate and how they would recommend selling your home.

Choosing the right agent is imperative to ensure that you minimise any potential stress around the sale and have someone on your side who will achieve the best possible result for you as they guide you through the process.

Selling your home can be emotionally charged and having the right agent in your corner, one who you are comfortable with can make the sales process much easier.

4. Steer clear of unrealistic price expectations

A common mistake in real estate when a property is not moving on the market can usually come down to how it is priced. While it may be tempting to price based on the mortgage you owe, and how much you would like to sell the property to make your next move, this is not always a realistic strategy.

A professional agent will advise you on a realistic figure that could be achieved based on the current market and how your property is positioned to gain a successful sale.